Lost the work of a month? :(

James Westby jw+debian at jameswestby.net
Thu Aug 28 13:01:48 BST 2008

On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 13:47 +0200, Juan Pedro Bolivar Puente wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on a (solo) project and I used bind so commits are
> automatically commited to the project hosting.
> This summer I have been working away so I have done many commits using
> --local. Today, I decided to commit those changes to the main branch, so
> I did:
> $ bzr update.
> As there were new changes not committed locally a merge was done.
> Without reading the docs, I tried to undo that step by doing
> $ bzr revert
> What happened was that all my changes commited using --local
> disappeared, which means that I have lost my work of weeks...
> Please, is there any way to reload my local commits? I've lost my work
> of a month, I'm getting mad...

Don't panic, they are not gone, just hidden. The easiest way to
get them back is to use the "heads" command from bzrtools.

  bzr heads --dead-only
should list the tip revision that you lost, something

  HEAD: revision-id: \
   jw+debian at jameswestby.net-20080125165417-9ddg56njwv6venrq (dead)

with the details underneath.

You can then run "bzr pull --overwrite -rrevid:foo .", where foo
is the revision-id from the above, to get back to where you were
before. You could "bzr merge" it instead if you wanted to get
back to the point after the "bzr update".



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