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Hi Russel,

I should warn you that my plugin is in its *very* early stages. It does
not support automatic rename/delete, enabling or disabling of commands,
or a context menu, or automatically save files before invoking the bzr
commands. These are all planned features, however.

You are right that Qt does not follow the gnome look and feel very well.
It is definately better at emulating the Mac and Windows widget sets. I
may also add support for bzr-gtk and add a preference (or automatically
detect if it is installed) and use one or the other. This will make it
fit into a gnome desktop better. But then the name QBzrEclipse is  a bad
one. However, this is not a high priority for me - the qbzr plug-in
provides a better interface than the Gtk one and I am not bothered by
the fact it doesn't look like Gtk (even though I am also a Gnome user).

I am in the process of setting up an update site. I'm still learning how
to do this and to find a public place where I can upload the files.

In the meantime, if you want to be adventurous and try my plug-in I have
attached a jar file. You just need to copy this into your
eclipse/plugins directory. Please note I have only tested on Eclipse
3.3. The icons look terrible (wrong size) and some are missing. I have
done no testing on Windows or Mac. Like I said it's not polished yet but
useful functionality is already there.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback but please don't be too harsh -
it is after all pre-alpha and unreleased at the moment!



Russel Winder wrote:
> Nick,
>> Actually, both can be installed at the same time. That would be a bit
>> weird but certainly possible...
> Weird for normal use I agree, one would plump for one or the other.
> However I need to investigate both and write about both and I don't want
> to have to have to separate Eclipse installations, nor to keep loading
> and unloading plugins if I can avoid it.
> Immediate impressions based solely on bzr qlog and bzr viz (and so
> completely useless :-) is that bzr-gtk works better on Ubuntu that qbzr
> -- the Qt stuff leaves white panes everywhere instead of following the
> GTK theme completely.
> Now to try loading plugins -- have you got a download site for the
> current snapshot of qbzr-eclipse?

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