[MERGE] inode sorted stats in status

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Aug 20 04:54:45 BST 2008

So, I've implemented inode sorting for stats. It doesn't make a huge
difference that I can see, though I may just have trees where the disk
alphabetical order and the inode order match.

Its also only doing inode-within-a-dir optimisation.

I don't know if this is truely needed - I would love some feedback and
testing. Particularly *cold cache* testing.

In my testing, it shaves 2 seconds off cold-cache status of a mozilla

:!time ./bzr st ../test-repos/mozilla/ 

real    0m36.818s
user    0m3.552s
sys     0m1.252s

:!time ./bzr st ../test-repos/mozilla/

real    0m38.199s
user    0m3.640s
sys     0m1.188s

It doesn't seem particularly different on hot-cache operations.

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