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Emma Jane Hogbin emmajane at
Fri Aug 15 06:36:13 BST 2008

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Also, you might consider 'bzr-upload' which has a slightly different set of
> requirements. Basically, it expects to keep a mostly-unversioned tree on the
> remote side. But it is able to handle any protocol that bzr supports (ftp,
> sftp, etc.). It can also be run in '--auto' mode, which means that any local
> commit gets an automatic upload to the remote site.

Yes, I will be using it in another context for another project. My
immediate need to deal with my rather nasty habit of SSHing directly
into a server to make changes on a live machine for some of my low
traffic Web sites.

> It probably fits the use case of web developers better than 'push-and-update'.
> If only because you probably don't want to accidentally expose the full
> history of your website to people who have bzr clients. (You could always just
> block the .bzr/ directory in your http access control.)

Agreed. :) This is where I think it would be great to have the links to
the "in five minutes" from each of the different scenarios on the
Workflows page...

>>> Unless of course John's subsequent email shows that I've completely
>>> misunderstood things again. Guidance is required. :)
>> John made the plugin smarter so that "bzr push" will do the update
>> if you have the plugin installed and the target has a working tree.
>> I don't know if you think it's better to show the more explicit
>> command above, or explain the "magic".
> As I'm probably going to get rid of the command... I would go for the magic.

I think I've now accurately described the magic. :) for the revised text.

Thank you for your plugin and your feedback. Both are much appreciated!


Emma Jane Hogbin

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