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Thu Aug 14 21:49:24 BST 2008

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Sorry about the delay on this.

Phil Hudson wrote:
> I'm having a lot of unexpected and unexplained problems getting a working
> directory checked out in (at the same level as) my home directory under Cygwin.
> It works on other OSes.
> I'm a newbie, starting out getting my home directory under Bazaar SCM (moving
> from Perforce). I use a standard common subset of the files under my home
> directory on all of MacOS (PPC and i386), debian (PPC and i386), Ubuntu (i386),
> Cygwin, and Solaris (SPARC and i386).
> I've fetched Bazaar 1.5 on those systems whose package managers are up-to-date,
> and built it on the others. Cygwin is one of the latter.

Just to mention, I use the win32 bzr while in the cygwin shell. It
doesn't manage the executable bits, but it avoids all of the cygwin

> I've successfully set up a repo on machine A (Ubuntu) containing everything I
> want from the old P4 repository. I've successfully pushed a branch locally.
> On each of my other machines, including the Cygwin one, I've successfully taken
> a copy of that branch using the branch command and an sftp:// URI.
> On each of these machines, I then do a checkout from the local branch to my
> actual home directory. On most of them, this has proceeded just as the Bazaar
> doco had led me to expect: one or two conflicts, with conflicting files being
> renamed for subsequent resolving.
> On Cygwin, however, almost all the files are reported as conflicting. I suspect
> this is a CR/LF thing. Does Bazaar perhaps assume that if you're on W32 then you
> always want CR/LF? (Perforce did -- I had similar problems running P4 under
> Cygwin). However, the checkout fails ungracefully with a cryptic and vague error
> message:
> bzr: ERROR: [Errno 13] Permission denied

Bazaar doesn't assume CRLF, it doesn't change the line endings of files.

If you could run this again with "-Derror" it will give a full traceback
of what happened. My best guess is something like encountering a
directory that we can't rename, etc.

> None of the dozens of supposedly conflicting files has been renamed and none of
> the new files has been copied into place. I guess this is a safe and desirable
> outcome, so I'm not complaining about it. However, that error message is no help
> to me in fixing or working around the issue.
> Can anyone give me any advice on how to fix this? Thanks for your kind
> attention. If I can't fix this pretty quickly, it's a show-stopper. I have to be
> able to work on Cygwin, so I guess I'd have to try Mercurial.

I don't know if you got it working or not, by the sound of it you may be
using something else already. I would just caution if you are planning
on using non-ascii characters with Mercurial. It doesn't know about path
encoding, so when you check in a UTF-8 file it gets checked out in OEM
encoding on Windows. (And cygwin doesn't support non-ascii anyway
without some significant patching of cygwin, IIRC.)

That may not be a specific concern for you, though. I hope you got
something that works for you.


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