Cygwin checkout problem

Phil Hudson bzr.20.philhudson at
Thu Jul 24 14:01:52 BST 2008

I'm having a lot of unexpected and unexplained problems getting a working
directory checked out in (at the same level as) my home directory under Cygwin.
It works on other OSes.

I'm a newbie, starting out getting my home directory under Bazaar SCM (moving
from Perforce). I use a standard common subset of the files under my home
directory on all of MacOS (PPC and i386), debian (PPC and i386), Ubuntu (i386),
Cygwin, and Solaris (SPARC and i386).

I've fetched Bazaar 1.5 on those systems whose package managers are up-to-date,
and built it on the others. Cygwin is one of the latter.

I've successfully set up a repo on machine A (Ubuntu) containing everything I
want from the old P4 repository. I've successfully pushed a branch locally.

On each of my other machines, including the Cygwin one, I've successfully taken
a copy of that branch using the branch command and an sftp:// URI.

On each of these machines, I then do a checkout from the local branch to my
actual home directory. On most of them, this has proceeded just as the Bazaar
doco had led me to expect: one or two conflicts, with conflicting files being
renamed for subsequent resolving.

On Cygwin, however, almost all the files are reported as conflicting. I suspect
this is a CR/LF thing. Does Bazaar perhaps assume that if you're on W32 then you
always want CR/LF? (Perforce did -- I had similar problems running P4 under
Cygwin). However, the checkout fails ungracefully with a cryptic and vague error

bzr: ERROR: [Errno 13] Permission denied

None of the dozens of supposedly conflicting files has been renamed and none of
the new files has been copied into place. I guess this is a safe and desirable
outcome, so I'm not complaining about it. However, that error message is no help
to me in fixing or working around the issue.

Can anyone give me any advice on how to fix this? Thanks for your kind
attention. If I can't fix this pretty quickly, it's a show-stopper. I have to be
able to work on Cygwin, so I guess I'd have to try Mercurial.

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