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Thu Aug 14 14:43:52 BST 2008

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Vincent Ladeuil wrote:
>>>>>> "aaron" == Aaron Bentley <aaron at> writes:
>     >> Automating all corrections or suggestions we, as
>     >> humans, can make to correct these submissions will never be made
>     >> automatically.
>     aaron> Sorry, I don't follow this.

> - I think BB main purpose is to track *well-formed* submissions
>   sent to the right email,
> - I doubt BB will ever be able to do the Right Thing with
>   incorrect submissions and for that I think humans should be
>   relied upon (forgotten patches, wrong subject line, wrong ML,
>   wrong public branch, etc).

So, I think the answer is something like:

I think a combination of BB and humans would work.  For some classes of
ill-formed submissions, BB would be able to send an error response to
the original sender.  But BB will accept some subtly-wrong submissions
and forward them to the list, and humans will have to fix those.

> P.S.: I seem to remember that you use procmail to filter mails
> targeted at BB into a *single* mailbox. May be using one mailbox
> by project may help in some cases (but may fail if the same ML is
> used for several projects though...).

I don't think splitting the incoming mail up by project would help with
the problems you're describing.  If I were to set up such filters, they
would use the contents of the message to decide which mailing list it
belonged to.  Bundle Buggy itself already uses the contents of the
message to decide which mailing list it belongs to.

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