Merges not showing up in Qbzr 0.9.2-1

John Arbash Meinel john at
Tue Aug 5 14:16:18 BST 2008

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Joseph Wakeling wrote:
|> I saw similar problem with my branch that was rebased. But after several
|> commits this problem disappeared. Can you check your branch -- does
it have
|> rebased revisions around merge or branch point?
| I don't think there are any rebases.  It's not even a very big project
| yet -- 29 commits in the leftmost branch, probably half-a-dozen more
| that were merged in.
| I tried making several more commits as per your suggestion but nothing
| changed. :-(
|> Does your branch is public?
| Not yet -- it will be free software in the long run but since it's a new
| project and kind of experimental we're been keeping it in-house until we
| have a version we're satisfied with and a release strategy.  If I find
| the problem with another project which doesn't have these restrictions
| I'll publish it.
| We did have a qbzr problem before to do with a couple of commits being
| extremely large (files that shouldn't have been in the branch being
| added and then deleted en masse) and qdiff would hang looking at these.
|  But I guess that's a different issue.

Just to be clear, does "bzr log --long" show the commits? Is it possible
that you were cherry-picking the changes?


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