[MERGE] optionally install tbzr binaries with bazaar binaries on Windows

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Jul 31 07:18:24 BST 2008

Unfortunately I missed this reply when it came in :(

> John Arbash Meinel has voted comment.
> ^- Is it safe to assume that python2.4 just doesn't have these
> attributes? So it won't exclude them with those names?

I'm not too worried about python 2.4 for binary installers.  It seems that
many of the dependencies no longer provide 2.4 versions on Windows anyway.

> I'm wondering if we couldn't just hard-code the path to the installers,
> and then just update it when necessary. It seems a bit better than
> requiring several different environment variables.

I tend to prefer environment variables - it causes a tiny bit of pain for
the person making the binaries, but saves pain for people attempting to
recreate the process as the hard-coded paths are almost certainly wrong for

> Anyway, I'm about 50% on this patch. It seems like a pretty heavy
> dependency in core bzr towards tbzr. 

To be fair, that dependency is only in setup.py and the inno installer
script, and only applies when trying to build a win32 binary - and even then
is completely optional.  However, I do understand your concerns about
bundling tortoise with bzr itself.

> Is there a reason we wouldn't just
> put this sort of code in the tbzr code itself? So you would have a tbzr
> installer that would then install all the dependencies and bzr itself,
> rather than having a bzr installer that includes tbzr.

Martin and I discussed this and agreed that in the short term at least, it
makes sense for tbzr to be included in the default installer, especially
given its not easy to have separate installers for bzr and an "addon"
installer for tbzr given todays py2exe.  We have signalled we would be
taking this approach for a while now - hopefully Martin can chime in with
his thoughts.  In the meantime, I'll address your other concerns and submit
a new bundle.



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