[WILDCAT/MERGE] make wildcat work with bzr 1.5

Sandy Dunlop sandy at sorn.net
Thu Jul 24 16:44:32 BST 2008

Apologies for the late response. I will get this merged in and release
another version of Wildcat BZR. I've not done any work on it in the last few
months. Planning on getting back onto it over the next week or two. There is
no separate mailing list for it. Perhaps once it's more feature-complete and
more people start using it that would be a good idea. All code contributions
are welcome. Thanks for the patch :-)


2008/5/27 Marius Kruger <amanic at gmail.com>:

> hi,
> I became frustrated with the windows guis (some of my co-workers insist on
> using guis, if we are to use bzr in future).
> I tried to get olive-gtk to crash less on vista, without much luck (it
> seems the gtk/threading code causes a lot of crashes).
> So I gave wilcat a try (It also crashed way too often, but it turns out
> that it was just some bzr api changes.)
> It needs some more features, but has the potential to be our best gui for
> windows
> (other than tortoiseBzr, which I'm not sure when we'll get a usable
> version)
> Please find attached a bundle which is needed to make wildcat-bzr work on
> bzr 1.5
> (it also includes my previous patch which:
> > Changes bzr-wx.py to have unix line endings
> > so that it can be runned as ./bzr-wx.py on linux
> )
> btw. I found another locking issue which I had to fix for it to work in
> bzr1.6
> theres anoher serious issue seeking attention for bzr1.6:
> linegraph.py uses repository.get_revision_graph() which has been depricated
> and been deleted, without the customary 6 months deprication period.
> I'm a bit miffed about this, as it makes life difficult for developers who
> maintain
> pluggins and 3rd-party tools (especially non-fulltime ones who only
> gets time to work on stuff like this every 6 months).
> Anyways, we need a way around it, hopefully there was a good technical
> reason
> why it could not be deprecated for 6 months.
> Does wildcat have its own mailing list?
> Should I rather make another launchpad branch for my changes?
> Can you please merge in the steps to create the wildcatbzr.exe?
> regards
> Marius Kruger
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