Constant text conflicts - newb needs some help

Donn Ingle donn.ingle at
Tue Jul 22 14:02:51 BST 2008

Daniel Watkins wrote:

> If you're confused as to why you got a conflict and the tutorial did
> not, there was more distance between the two changes made there, so
> bzr's merge algorithm was able to combine both changes.

Daniel, thanks for your input. Being new to svc I have always wondered about
it from afar -- wondering how so many edits could possibly be reconciled
into one working system (like the kernel) and now I see that it's not
*magic* but that there is some limitation placed on the people doing the

Could you point me to any relevant sections in the docs that talks about
this some more? Could it be something like - one person per given source
file at a time? Or one person editing any given function? What are the
limits to how close edits can be to each other?

Many thanks,

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