Push to both a bzr and a SVN

Guillaume Proux gproux at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 20:42:20 BST 2008


I have an interesting set up where a Bazaar repository was migrated
(by corporate will) to a SVN repository.
Unfortunately the migration was done by hand and no history was kept.
However, the old Bazaar repository is still online (but a few 100
revision behind now) and we would like to be able to achieve the
following workflow.

1) sync back the bzr rep from the SVN repository (committing all
modified files directly is OK not too much lost history)
2) use bzr as the main dev server again
3) use bzr-svn on the corporate SVN server for backup purposes :)

I have tried various combination of bzr push and merge but I don't
manage to get this working.
at the end i would like to be able to simply do

bzr commit  # commit to the bzr server
* and every now and then
bzr merge ../svnbranch # merge in the changes from svn
bzr push ../svnbranch # commit to the svn server

Is there a magic way to reconcile a svn+bzr directory and a branch of
my original bzr repository?

Any help appreciated.

Best Regards,



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