[MERGE] Remove the temporary elisp file created for attachments by EmacsMail.

Bojan Nikolic bojan at bnikolic.co.uk
Mon Jun 30 08:23:47 BST 2008


Thanks for your patch Christophe. I checked it with my normal setup
(Emacs 22.1+Gnus V5.11) and it works fine. Here are some small

Ian Clatworthy <ian.clatworthy at canonical.com> writes:

> Christophe TROESTLER wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Following the recent discussion about "bzr send", I decided to give it
>> a try.  I encountered the following problems.
>> 1) My mailer is "Mew", an Emacs package, and "bzr help send" did not
>> mention that one can use mail_client=emacsclient in
>> ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf in order to use the default Emacs client.

I think people agree that emacsclient should be listed as one of the
generic options in the help of "bzr send" command. I.e., something

    To use a specific mail program, set the mail_client configuration
    option.  (For Thunderbird 1.5, this works around some bugs.)
    Supported values for specific clients are "evolution", "kmail",
    "mutt", and "thunderbird"; generic options are "default",
    "editor", "emacsclient", "mapi", and "xdg-email".

>> 2) The method _prepare_send_function in EmacsMail did not have a
>> mew-user-agent case.  It also failed because not all mail packages
>> define the function mail-text.

I don't have mew so haven't tested this but Gnus continues to work

One small item is that the message part with the patch and bundle
seems to be marked "inline" rather than "attachment". I think
"attachment" is preferred by people on this list.

>> 3) The command arguments for emacsclient did not properly escape the
>> "To" and "Subject" fields when they were containing double quotes.

Thanks for spotting this -- works as advertised now.

>> 4) The temporary elisp file was not removed (as noted in a FIXME in
>> the function _prepare_send_function).

Also seems fine, but could you update the comment of
_prepare_send_function to replace the FIXME paragraph with a note that
the temporary file is deleted from elisp?


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