Experimental 1.6b3 windows binaries available

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sun Jun 29 02:43:47 BST 2008

> Any reason why you uploaded your bzr change to +junk/bzr.win32binary
> rather than to ~mhammond/bzr/win32binary?
> Or is this something other than a bzr branch?

Simply inexperience with Launchpad, including conceptually (ie, I just followed the "register branch" process and selected what I thought were the most appropriate options - I'm guessing I should have selected it "belongs to" the bzr project?)  Can/should I move it?

> I've tried to download these a few times, and I keep getting a timeout
> error for starship.python.net. Is it possible for you to upload it
> elsewhere? Perhaps as a Launchpad download for the project?

Yeah - I started to look into how to do that, but ended up taking the easy option and hosting it where it was simple :)  Ultimately though, I guess these binaries will want to come from the bzr project rather than the tbzr one?  This s just a very first cut and I need direction from you guys on how this is best handled moving forward.



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