Describe your workflow

Sabin Iacob iacobs at
Wed Jun 25 22:19:33 BST 2008

Paul Hummer wrote:
>   - How are your folders laid out? 

mostly branches all over the place, I am using directories to separate 
personal work from job work from freelance work; personal and freelance 
work also go to my web server, in tree-less repositories, so I can track 
bugs and browse source with trac, have them available for branching, etc

at work we use svn, so I have an "integration" branch that mirrors the 
svn trunk and a .bleeding branch where I work; I hack and cross-merge 
with the css guy who also has a bzr branch, then, when needed, merge in 
the integration branch and push to svn; I modified the script that sends 
emails on svn commits to skip the svn properties, so the extra noise bzr 
is adding is not bothering anyone. I had only one branch initially (I am 
the only web developer), hacked locally and pushed to trunk when the 
tree was in a stable state, but I feel the current workflow is better.

>   - Do you use lightweight checkouts? 

never, don't see the point

>   - What plugins could you not live without it?

bzrtools (shelve), gtk (viz)

hth :)

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