some newbie questions

Neil Martinsen-Burrell nmb at
Sat Jun 7 04:56:45 BST 2008

Erik <erik <at>> writes:

> What I noticed however, is that the files on the server don't change. The 
> -changes- we commit are stored (in the bazaar repository on the server I 
> guess), but the files on the server aren't updated, until I start a 
> command prompt on the server and do a "bzr update" there. This is favorable so 
> that our testers can simply take a look at the central server to see the 
> current situation. Is there a way to automate this? Do I need a hook for this,
>  or is there an easier way to have the files on the server update as soon as 
> someone commits from their respective checkout?

I wrote the bzr-automirror plugin (`bzr branch lp:bzr-automirror
~/.bazaar/plugins/automirror`) to solve this problem.  It automatically does a
push-and-update (essentially) to a specified branch when a commit happens in the
branch on which it is configured.  You could either have each of your developers
setup the the automirror plugin on their local machines and their local working
copies to mirror to your central server.  Or you could set up a new branch
separate from your central repository that your webserver looks at, and then set
up automirror on the central machine to automatically miror to the webserver
branch.  Due to locking, you can't set the post_commit_mirror location to the
same branch that your developers are binding (I should add a check for this in
the automirror code).

Hope that helps in this situation,


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