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Colin D Bennett wrote:
| On Fri, 06 Jun 2008 18:20:17 +0300
| Sabin Iacob <iacobs at> wrote:
|> Erik wrote:
|>> Hi All,
|>> What I noticed however, is that the files on the server don't
|>> change. The -changes- we commit are stored (in the bazaar
|>> repository on the server I guess), but the files on the server
|>> aren't updated, until I start a command prompt on the server and do
|>> a "bzr update" there. This is favorable so that our testers can
|>> simply take a look at the central server to see the current
|>> situation. Is there a way to automate this? Do I need a hook for
|>> this, or is there an easier way to have the files on the server
|>> update as soon as someone commits from their respective checkout?
|> that would be very helpful, indeed; I once attempted to solve the
|> issue by having a local post-commit hook that ssh-ed into the machine
|> and ran things (I wanted to automate bug commenting/closing in trac);
|> I know there have been plans for server-side hooks for a while, but I
|> have no idea what's the current status.
| There is a plugin to update remote trees at:
| It enhances the 'push' command by using ssh to update the remote
| working tree after the push.
| Colin

Yeah, but I think he wants to happen after "bzr commit" in a bound branch, which
I don't think push-and-update quite does yet. (It certainly could, just needs to
hook into the right thing.)


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