Bazaar Repository Structure, Branches, Tags

JetMark extrapic at
Thu Jun 5 15:31:31 BST 2008

Michael, this is intresting. 

I like many other I suppose make up for some of CVS's problems by using
strict formal names for tags. 

This works very well with cvs2svn because the regular expression match can
easily be made to just do the right thing. In fact we solved the lack of
change-sets in CVS by using an external database, but we dont need this for
hysterical data as once moved over to Bazaar we will only do merging on new

I quite easily did an import on a small test repository of ours which seemed
to work. I am now importing a real one. I have always been of the view that
"we never remove stuff from CVS" but recently this has become harder and
harder to live with! There is a lot of stuff here though, and the git
example and steps were very simply and easily modified for Bazaar. 

I think you may be doing yourself a dis-service by calling this useful
utility cvs2svn, it seems to provide a very happy medium between the
complexity of taylor and the dubious functionality of cvsps. I can see I
will have trouble explaining why we are going to use cvs2svn to the people
in our organisation who are dead-set on subversion. 

This tool is certainly worthy of further investigation for cvs2bzr use. 

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