How to organize bzr-gedit menu?

Javier Derderian javierder at
Tue May 27 06:44:29 BST 2008


I'm working in the 3rd Step of bzr-gedit roadmap[1] and I'm starting
to see the menu is growing and will grow even more, but I don't know
how to diagram the menu to let it grow without been too big for the
As you can see in GeditIntegration[2] page in bazaar's wiki there's a
screenshot of the menu from the last released version so far.
Since i'm starting to add less used functions like "bind", "unbind",
"whoami", etc; I'm thinking in adding a "extras" menu, but doesn't
sound very helpfull.
Maybe a "config" menu with some submenus (bzr-gtk config, whoami, etc).
But where should i put "init-repo"?  In a submenu with "init"? I don't
want to take away from the main menu the basic functions like "init",
"push", "pull", "commit" since they are the most used ones...

Well, as you can see, i have some ideas but none of those is letting
me organize the menu in a usable way.

Which ideas do the comunnity has to organize this menu?



Javier Derderian
javierder at
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