Bazaar Export Command Not Handling Long Path Names

Andrew Cowie andrew at
Thu May 22 09:22:39 BST 2008

On Wed, 2008-05-21 at 12:49 -0500, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> You can always 'bzr export ../directory; cd ..; tar cvjf directory.tar.bz2
> directory'

Yeah, close to what we do when we do `make dist`. This allows us to
remove a few things that just don't need to be in the tarball we

(didn't know about the length limitation)

Our Makefile target is something like this:

dist: all
	@echo -e "CHECK    fully committed state"
	bzr diff > /dev/null || kaboom

	@echo -e "EXPORT   tmp/java-gnome-$(VERSION)"
	-rm -rf tmp/java-gnome-$(VERSION)
	bzr export --format=dir tmp/java-gnome-$(VERSION)

	@echo -e "RM       non essential files"
	rm -r tmp/java-gnome-$(VERSION)/lib
	rm -r tmp/java-gnome-$(VERSION)/web
	rm    tmp/java-gnome-$(VERSION)/.aspell.en.pws

	@echo -e "TAR     java-gnome-$(VERSION).tar.bz2"
	tar cjf java-gnome-$(VERSION).tar.bz2 -C tmp java-gnome-$(VERSION)
	rm -r tmp/java-gnome-$(VERSION)

(where $VERSION is something we have our ./configure script populate
into the .config that is sourced by the Makefile)

We do the export into a directory in tmp/ and then use the `tar ... -C
tmp` idiom to switch there first so that all the paths in the .tar.bz2
are projectname-version/* , since that is Good Form in open source
release engineering terms.


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