Bazaar Export Command Not Handling Long Path Names

Guido Ostkamp bazaar at
Wed May 21 23:13:51 BST 2008

> On the other hand, are we allowed to have a single name longer than 100 
> characters, or is just that the whole *path* can be longer than 100 
> chars?

I tried bazaar with a long filename (174 chars), and then a long 
directoryname of similar size and moved the long filename into this 

I did not have any problems. Bazaar can deal with it and 'bzr export 
--format=tar foobar.tar' puts it into a tarball without any warnings or 
errors. 'tar tvf' displays the tarball correctly.

If someone has a broken tar (e.g. the one delivered with Solaris), then 
get a better one like 'star' at 
<> or take the GNU tar.



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