Transport error: Server refuses to fullfil the request

Andrew Bennetts andrew at
Wed May 14 07:16:35 BST 2008

Ben Finney wrote:
> Howdy all,
> I'm trying to branch from a public branch, but it's failing partway
> through with the following message:

Two hypotheses:

 - the bzr-svn plugin is trying a WebDAV request that the server is rejecting.
   If so, “bzr --no-plugins branch http://...” should work.
 - the server, or a proxy, is rejecting the requests due to the contents of the
   Range header.  That seems unlikely to me, as that bzr is new enough that it
   should be quite good at detecting that and falling back to safer requests.
   We haven't had a report of this being a problem for quite a while.

The third option is of course that it's something else entirely. :)

I'd first try the --no-plugins flag, and then if that fails, taking a look at
the HTTP conversation with wireshark or similar.  (You could also try "bzr
-Dhttp -Dtransport branch http://..." and looking in the ~/.bzr.log)

> bzr> branch
> Working tree format 3 is deprecated and a better format is available.
> It is recommended that you upgrade by running the command
>   bzr upgrade
> Transport error: Server refuses to fullfil the request
> =====
> What can I do to get a branch from this one?

You could also try branching it from (which seems to be the same
branch, but more up-to-date).


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