RELEASE BzrTools 1.5.0

Aaron Bentley abentley at
Mon May 12 19:25:41 BST 2008

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce BzrTools 1.5.0
This version is intended to be compatible with the 1.5.x Bazaar
series.  BzrTools is a plugin that provides miscellaneous useful and/or
frivolous functionality for bazaar.

- Added "heads" command, by Alexander Belchenko, to give it wider
  distribution.  Updated to avoid deprecated APIs
- Marked "show-paths" command obsolete.  This functionality is now
  provided by "bzr info".  show-paths will be removed in a future
- Added cdiff style-checking enhancements by Marius Kruger
- Update to bzr 1.5 API

For more information on BzrTools, please see

BzrTools 1.5.0 is available at:



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