bzr 1.5rc1 this Friday

Andrew Bennetts andrew at
Tue May 6 05:03:01 BST 2008

Martin Pool wrote:
> It's almost time for our next release candidate, 1.5rc1, which is
> scheduled for this Friday, with 1.5final on Friday the 16th.  It's
> pretty soon after 1.4 final, but a good amount of code has landed on
> trunk since 1.4 branched, and we want to pull back onto a regular
> schedule rather than otherwise.
> One thing I did in 1.4 which I think we should make a standard
> practice is adding a paragraph or two of text at the top of the NEWS
> section summarizing this release.  There are many places that want a
> summary of the release and writing it here seems to make sense.  In
> future maybe we can send that summary through review to make sure it's
> representative.

I like that.

> I'll be away on Friday and John has offered to manage this release (or
> make the rc?)
> There are two bugs marked critical
>   "KnitRepository.insert_data_stream() copies data in improper order"
>   "[win32] local push finished with error message: Could not acquire lock"
> The second looks like it may be straightforward to diagnose and fix
> from looking at the code, and then verify it on Windows.  I don't
> completely understand from the bug record what is intended for the
> first one.

I also want to land the protocol v3 work for 1.5.  John's reviewed all the code
(and voted “tweak”).  I'm aiming to get all John's concerns fixed in time for
rc1 on Friday.

The only major outstanding issue from his reviews is the way protocol encoding
negotiation is done.  My current plan for that issue is to stop the client
calling 'hello'.  Instead, new clients will just try the newest encoding version
on their first RPC, and fall back until they find an encoding that the server
recognises.  The server will leave the behaviour of 'hello' unchanged, so older
clients won't break.


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