bazaar performance with single large project and a comparison with?git / mercurial

Teemu Likonen tlikonen at
Thu Apr 24 07:13:48 BST 2008

Rahul Nabar wrote:

> Are there any benchmarks where bazaar / mercurial and git are
> compared. I suspect my project is very trivial with respect to its
> size etc. but I was just curious nevertheless!

A couple of weeks ago I did some basic benchmarks with Git and Bazaar
repositories of GNU Emacs. The size of the history is about 90,000
commits. My first benchmark[1] was with somewhat unoptimised
repositories because I hadn't repacked either of the repos in a week or
so. This had negative impact on Bazaar's performance. When I realised my
mistake I ran the same benchmark again[2] with optimised repos.


My tests concentrated on history operations; they don't, for example,
measure commit times. Commit times do not seem to depend that much on
the size of the project's history. History operations, in turn, show the
differences in performance between Bazaar and Git. Sadly I must conclude
that Bazaar has a "feature" of getting slower and slower as the
repository's history grows.

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