bazaar performance with single large project and a comparison with git / mercurial

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at
Thu Apr 24 03:26:38 BST 2008

I have about 375 files in a single bzr inventory in ~/.bzr. I am using
Bazaar to version scattered config-files and scripts on my Linux box.
The size of ~/.bzr is currently about 27MB.

When I started out each commit used to be instantaneous; over time
this has only a slight delay and now I can actually see the progress
meter for about 2  to 3 secs while it commits.

Currently the performance is entirely acceptable; after all 2 to 3
secs. is *fast* for me. But I was just wondering about how this would
scale as my repo grows in size over time. Especially because the is a
somewhat atypical setup inasmuch that I will always have a single
large growing project rather than several smaller ones. Any opinions
or experiences? Is there something that I should be doing proactively
to avoid performance degradation?

I recently saw that git prides itself on its performance (and
abstruseness!) when compared with mercurial. Are there any benchmarks
where bazaar / mercurial and git are compared. I suspect my project is
very trivial with respect to its size etc. but I was just curious


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