bzr 1.4rc2 coming; and more beta testing

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Apr 21 05:43:29 BST 2008

>  | One thing we can do beyond that is set up daily builds into a PPA (and
>  | also for other platforms) to make it easier for active users to help
>  | us pick up problems before we get close to a release.  I will try to
>  | look at that next week.
>  Well, the fact that PPA only keeps around 1 version of a package seems to
> make this more difficult than we would really want.

That is pretty annoying (it's by the way), but it's not
particularly relevant to doing daily builds.  As some people will want
to only install the releases we need a separate archive anyhow.

> I suppose we could have a new group "~bzr-ppa-dailies" or something like that.

Yes, that's what I had in mind.

Martin <>

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