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Fri Apr 18 22:13:58 BST 2008

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Celso Pinto wrote:
| Hi John,
| thanks for pointing that out, looks like a good enough solution, but I
| have one more question: following on your example, is it possible to
| only checkout a directory inside subproject? So it becomes:
| bzr co http://host/project
| bzr co http://host/otherproject/directory project/directory
| Regards,
| Celso

We currently do not support checking out a subdirectory of a branch. (The tree
is always viewed as a "whole".)

There is some discussion about "views" that Ian Clatworthy has been
spearheading. Could you explain your specific needs? (It helps us make sure that
we are satisfying people's use cases.)

Of course, a much simpler solution exists if you are on a platform that supports

$ bzr co http://host/project
$ bzr co http://host/otherproject

$ cd project
$ ls -l directory
directory@ => ../otherproject/directory

You can even version that symlink. I know of a couple of projects that work
similar to this (though they don't version the symlinks and build them as part
of a 'make setup-dev', because they need the possibility of handling different
versions of the subprojects, along with different versions of the parent project.)

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