my strategy on implementing line-endings (eol) support

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Tue Apr 15 09:48:57 BST 2008

Martin Pool пишет:
> 2008/4/14 Alexander Belchenko <bialix at>:
>>  >== Line Endings ==
>>  >
>>  > * trivial changes resulting in entire file diffs. Hard to read, blows up
>> repository size, invalidates sha1 caching in >dirstate.
>>  I suppose you were talking about mangling of line-endings in working tree.
>> Completely agree.
>>  This is main problem I wanna to solve.
> This is referring, beyond the obvious issue of showing the right diff
> to the user, to the problems that would occur if we always just
> committed what was in the tree.  I believe this is what svn does, or
> did, and it has the advantage that you can always reproduce
> byte-for-byte what was stored in the workingtree, which potentially
> lets you recover if people commit with the wrong eol settings.  I used
> to support that approach.  But it does mean that the whole file will
> commonly flip from one encoding to the other, making the repository
> needlessly very big.

It's interesting point, I never thinking about this problem.
But this impossible to use in bzr without versioned properties. IMHO.

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