HTML output of 'bzr diff' using Python's difflib.HtmlDiff

Vincent Vertigo vincent.vertigo at
Wed Apr 2 16:34:05 BST 2008


I'm using Bazaar on a Solaris environment that lacks decent GUI capabilities
(no proper Qt / Gtk libraries there...).
We rely on 'bzr diff' raw output for code review, but it gets quite
unreadable when big changes are introduced.

The idea would be to ease code review times by producing HTML files, using
Pythons' standard library difflib - the HtmlDiff object precisely.
In short, it would produce a diff HTML table for every file that differs
between 2 branches.

Has something similar ever been done (e.g. as a plugin)?
Or else, how hard would it be to write my own plugin? (I've never played in
that field before).
Unless alternative solutions exist, which I'd love to hear about.

Thanks in advance for your valuable comments.
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