Windows issue

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at
Sun Apr 13 01:21:21 BST 2008

Alexander Belchenko writes:
 > Dave C wrote:

 > > Bear in mind that "The primary focus of the development team is
 > > to produce a revision control tool that the *free software
 > > community will LOVE to use*."
 > > (quoted from
 > > Helpful error messages are important for a tool that people love
 > > to use.
 > Yes, and anybody free to write corresponding patch.

Ah, but some people are also *paid* to write patches.  Whether or not
they should write *this* patch is up to their managers, but it it not
implausible that a manager would say "do it" based on the mission
statement.  It is not unreasonable for users and others to argue that
this is within the stated mission.

 > >> You guys have strange habits to call Cygwin by name windows.
 > >> I don't understand why.

Because they care about the users, who do exactly that in this
context.  Dave has been quite accurate in distinguishing Cygwin from
native from the point of view of how the developers could address it,
while adopting the naive users' point of view in describing the
problem.  IMO this is a reasonable way to specify the problem.

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