[MERGE] "bzr commit" fails with Microsoft FTP Service

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Apr 11 14:59:19 BST 2008

Andreas Deininger пишет:
> 2008/4/9 John Arbash Meinel <john at arbash-meinel.com>:
>> BB:tweak
>> I don't think matching 550 anywhere in the string should be accepted.
>> Instead we
>> should probably do "if s.startswith('550')" or something similar.
>> I don't know FTP well enough to know that for sure.
>> Certainly our FTP error handling is a bit weak if they can send
>> internationalized strings back to us. IIRC the error codes aren't
>> particularly
>> clear (you get a 550 for more than just file does not exist), which is why
>> most
>> of our code biases errors with the expected failure mode. (Creating a file
>> likely doesn't have it's parent exist, renaming a file likely doesn't have
>> the
>> source exist, etc.)
>> Anyway, if someone else knows FTP 550 better than I, I'm happy to have a
>> .startswith() merged.
> After putting a the check for 550 in the _rename function, I'm
> resubmitting that patch.

Just a thought: after error code 550 there should be a space usually?
Should we check that fact too?

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