Bazaar User Guide: Workflows

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at
Fri Mar 28 18:52:57 GMT 2008

Paul Moore writes:

 > > Technically, there's a DAG but conceptually it's more complex
 > > that than - a branch only has one head

This is true for all VCSes, as far as I know.  What is different about
Bazaar is it likes the one-workspace-per-active-branch layout a lot
more than any other dVCS (except Darcs, which absolutely enforces it).
Mercurial makes it somewhat annoying to work with multiple named
branches in one workspace, while that's the natural way to work with

 > > and the LHS is special.

Which has strong implications for workflow.

 > If that's the case (and I've no reason to doubt it) then you
 > *definitely* need to get something written up about it! Even with your
 > example, it still hadn't clicked with me that the model might be
 > different. (And I still don't see what the "correct" model is).

There was a series of posts by Matthieu Moy that I think got
crossposted here and emacs-devel at  You'll notice I'm not a fan
of the "LHS is special" leaning of bzr, but Matthieu explains it
pretty well, I think.

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