How to Restructure Repositories

Kenneth Loafman kenneth at
Fri Mar 28 12:03:49 GMT 2008

Here's the situation I have now:

/var/lib/bzr/Project/ - repository
--------------------/demo1 - branch
--------------------/demo2 - branch
--------------------/tech - branch
--------------------/doc  - branch

demo*, tech, and doc can be checked out as branches, which for the sake 
of branches using tech, is the classic way.  However, what I would like 
is a virtual branch that contains just demo1 and tech so that they could 
be checked out together.  Similarly, when demo2 comes along, it needs to 
be paired with tech so they work together.  Is something like this 
possible, or do I just need to use version tools to lockstep demo* and 
tech together?

For the sake of discussion, tech does not branch.


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