NEW: feature requests

Xavier Maillard xma at
Mon Mar 24 01:00:02 GMT 2008


I am new to this list and new to bazaar.

For several past months, I am now exclusively using git for every
project I am starting or collaborating. I like it for many
reasons but since bzr is now a GNU project, I think I have to
test bzr to eventually switch to it for several projects.

I am evaluating it little by little and I have already comments
and requests to formulate:

1. would it be possible to make bzr send --mail-to auto-expand
aliases has found in a mailrc file just like git does ?

it would be pretty useful

2. for several plugins, why not make them part of the "official"
package distribution ? For example several of your plugins are
just plain default commands in the git world: rebase, shelf,
bisect, email. These are pretty "must have" from a git user point
of view. WDYT ?

3. why git log -l <some number> is so long to display anything ?
More generally, why all commands I have launched take so long ?
strace -tT bzr cmd could help here.

4. speaking of log, why not have paging the log as a default ? I
know there is extensions/plugins for that but it is pretty
useless when one just want this "out of the box".

5. what is the correct way to contribute to the bazaar project ?
Do I have to subscribe to launchpad (which, as far as I know, is
not free software) ?

Thank you very much for your attention. Many other questions will
probably arise before the end of my evaluation.


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