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Andreas Schwab schwab at suse.de
Fri Mar 14 14:30:21 GMT 2008

Matthieu Moy <Matthieu.Moy at imag.fr> writes:

> As opposed to that, bzr makes the distinction between "mainline
> revisions" (that you commited in the branch), and merged revisions
> (ancestors of merge commits that you brought here with a merge).

Is that a useful distinction?  I think git treats all branches equal,
there is no "mainline".  If you merge two branches that touch different
parts of the tree there is no need to distinguish the two threads.

> That's a real difference in the way git and bzr deal with the history
> DAG, not just about "log". For example, git merge defaults to
> fast-forward (i.e. if you merge a revision you are a direct ancestor
> of, you just jump to that revision without creating a new commit).

If you just move forward in the history it is not really a merge, so
there should not be a need for creating a marker for it.


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