Global shared repositories

Harald Meland harald.meland at
Wed Mar 12 10:59:55 GMT 2008

[Ville M. Vainio]

> Shared repositories currently require a certain project directory layout.
> Wouldn't it be handy to provide an environment variable (e.g.
> BZR_SHARED_REP_DIR) to point to a shared repository that is global for
> all the projects in the machine?

To expand somewhat on Alexander's reply: No, I don't think so.

Shared repositories are merely an space optimization, and they will
only do any optimization if any branches shares some subset of

This means that there is little point in storing unrelated projects in
the same shared repository.

> Likewise, in theory, wouldn't it be possible for e.g. launchpad to
> have one huge shared repository where all the projects had their
> revisions? Are there problems with the scalability of shared
> repository architecture that prevent this (file locking etc.)?

As I understand it, both file locking, and the size/count of the pack
files in such a shared-across-many-projects would make it suck.

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