display of merged revisions in loggerhead and log

Michael Hudson michael.hudson at canonical.com
Tue Mar 11 23:26:13 GMT 2008

Martin Pool wrote:
>>  > Displaying the branch nick is very good, though I wonder if the
>>  > particular way it is shown here may be taken to mean that eg 3221.1.13
>>  > of "prepare-1.2" was merged, which will not generally be true.
>> I don't understand this.  In the screenie I posted
>>  (http://people.ubuntu.com/~mwh/hacked_up_changelog_view_3.png) this
>>  revision _is_ merged, surely?
> The revision is merged, but it may have had a different number in the
> branch it came from (typically a mainline number).  That said I cannot
> think of a better display for it at the moment.

Oh I see.  Loggerhead displays every revision number in the context of 
the branch you are viewing, and I can't really think of anything clearer 
than that...

>>  > The 'description' field seems redundant?
>> Well, the table only contains a short version of the commit message.
>>  bzr.dev and pqm being what they are, the full version is probably the
>>  same as the short version here, but in general it's not.
> 'short' meaning that it only displays the first line?

Yes, roughly speaking.

 > Maybe it'd be
> possible to have the rest of the message appear when it's unfolded,
> rather than having two fields?

That's probably a good idea.  I wonder if it can be done automagically 
with css trickery...


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