permissions problems on sftp repo

Neil Martinsen-Burrell n.martinsen-burrell at
Sun Mar 9 02:18:54 GMT 2008

Thomas Nichols <nichols7 <at>> writes:

> I've tried using both sftp:// and bzr+ssh:// protocols, same issue.

bzr+ssh and sftp should exhibit the same permission problems because they both
log you in through sshd on the server.

> How are other people tackling this? Is there a daemon bzr-server I could 
> leave running, so that thomasn:users could issue client requests to this 
> server (and the server process would be the only one making filesystem 
> changes to the repo)? Is the only solution to commit from my dev box as 
> user carriebot? Or is this workflow better supported by a different 
> approach?

You can run a persistent bzr daemon with the ``bzr serve`` command.  This server
listens on a designated port and is specified on the client side using
bzr://host/path URLs.  I'm not sure about the authentication and security status
of this server when not tunneled over ssh.  

You should be able to start the server as whatever user and group you would like
for the health of your repository.


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