efficiency over NFS

Mohit Aron extproxy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 21:21:05 GMT 2008

My view on the issue is that there is a reason very few vcs systems' default
> behavior is file locking. The ones that have edit/lock are generally
> designed for giant repositories such ms windows 100's of branches at 15-25gb
> for lightweight checkout each. Virtually every other new vcs system I have
> seen does not encourage 'edit' because of general dislike of the workflow it
> requires

Yes, and the proposed 'edit' command has nothing to do with locking at all.
I DO NOT want the file to be locked. Two developers should be free to 'edit'
the same file in their workspaces. All 'edit' should do is record in the
repository that this file is being modified so that the filesystem  doesn't
need to be consulted. That's it.

- Mohit
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