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Mohit Aron extproxy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 17:26:23 GMT 2008

> Man, all I can say is that if a company that needs to develop in house
> software cannot come up with a better arrangement than diskless thin
> clients, I think I would be finding another job. The only scenario I can
> fathom an edit command being useful is when your repository is near the
> size/performance limitations of bzr which is pretty large. However, I
> might add, everyone I know who has used a VCS that requires the edit
> command *hates* the edit command and this goes for perforce, VSS and CVS.

That's not true. I've used perforce for a  while and I  love the edit
command.  In fact, even if I make temporary modifications to some file (i.e,
I have no intention of committing the change), I prefer to modify it after
issuing the 'p4 edit'. That way, I can learn about all files that I changed
in my repository at any time rather than accidentally have files lying
around that were modified. And LOT of other people I know like the 'edit'
command for this reason.

The 'edit' command is optional in cvs (you need to use 'cvs watch' first) -
but I use that even there. I prefer to have my files be read-only and
explicitly make them writeable using 'cvs edit' before modifying them.

Anyways, its a matter of taste. Bazaar should provide an option to support
the 'edit' command - not force one or the other mode of usage.

- Mohit
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