display of merged revisions in loggerhead and log

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu Mar 6 09:13:14 GMT 2008

> The topic was how to make it apparent that the committer of a merge revision didn't necessarily do all the work being merged.

> I actually got around to having a hack at this this morning.  I've
>  attached two screenshots of my efforts.  The first does something like
>  what Martin suggests, though it doesn't restrict itself to first names.
>   Perhaps it should, because the main problem with it is that it takes
>  up too much horizontal space.  This attempt is also extremely hacky, it
>  wouldn't be appropriate for branches which didn't work like bzr.dev.
>  The second just adds a "Branch authors" field to the information that
>  drops down when you click the arrow next to a revision.  This seems like
>  a better bet, probably.

I like the display of the first one a lot.

"Branch authors" is not such a great name though.  I think you should
just show it as 'committer' or 'author' (depending which one you're
displaying), and clearly distinguish the person who committed the
overall merge from the people who committed merged revisions.

Showing this on unfolded revisions is not so great.  What we really
should be doing there is expanding out all the merged-in revisions,
like in log.  Then you can see exactly what those people did.


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