bzr missing --show-patch

Harald Meland harald.meland at
Tue Mar 4 13:11:16 GMT 2008

[Stefan Reichör]

> Hi!
> I track some open source projects. On some projects I am interested in
> recent commits. This includes the log message and the diff for each new
> patch.
> * Mercurial offers the command hg incoming --patch to do exactly this
> * Git offers git log -p to show a log and the corresponding patches
> I think, a similar functionality would be very useful for bzr!
> Is it available somehow? I didn't find anything in that direction.

Currently in there is "bzr merge --preview".

If you want to see changes associated with specific revisions, you can
also use "bzr diff -c REV", but I don't think there is anything quite
like "git log -p" (i.e. interleave log message and corresponding patch
for a sequence of revisions).

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