ACLTransport and Other ACL Thoughts

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Fri Feb 29 12:06:15 GMT 2008

John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> Well, it is fairly fundamental in Bazaar. For a variety of reasons. (One 
> of the
> oddities in SVN is that you can commit a tree, but when you check it out 
> at the
> same revision, it will be different because someone changed things in 
> files that
> you didn't modify.) We have been trying to introduce NestedTrees to 
> bring back a
> little bit of flexibility. It starts to create boundaries where all the 
> data in
> *this* subset will stay consistent, but doesn't have to stay consistent 
> with
> *that*, while still allowing you to get everything with a single 
> "checkout".

I never works with svn professionally or heavily (I'm actually made jump
TortoiseCVS -> bzr, so I skip svn at all) so I'm always confused by this
statement. Do I understand correctly that if project has 2 files
(foo.c and bar.c) then 2 developers could:

svn co project

Then 1st developer hacks foo.c and other hacks bar.c.
Then both developer do commit without update and it succeed?

Am I understand correctly?

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