[MERGE] Added pre_commit_info hook to allow modification of the informational text.

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Mon Feb 4 22:42:36 GMT 2008

Monty Taylor wrote:
> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>> Monty Taylor wrote:
>>> Here's a tweaked version of the pre_commit_message hook to add
>>> pre_commit_info and change the signatures...
>> Why do you want a separate 'pre_commit_info' hook and
>> 'pre_commit_message' hook. It seems reasonable to just combine them.
>> Since pre_commit_message hasn't been merged yet, there is no need to
>> maintain compatibility.
> Well, I was following Ian's idea here... but I think after he said it
> that it made sense to me in that the types of things you'd be doing in a
> hook to modify the commit message or that purpose that would serve is
> likely different than the need to modify the displayed info. If it was
> together, any hooks would have to split the data on the separator, and
> then put it back together... I figure why not have the split and make
> each hook have a more defined purpose?

That's how I saw it. Separate hooks makes the code for each much easier
vs needing to parse the 2 bits and rejoin them (in shell scripts). See
my enhanced hooks patch to see how args are mapped to and from shell


I think Monty should keep the 2 hook approach. Let's chat on IRC if you
still disagree.

Ian C.

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