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Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Jan 31 09:40:02 GMT 2008


Eugene Wee пишет:
> So what do you do when you use an editor/IDE that does not support 
> setting the line ending format to something other than the operating 
> system's default? (Assuming you have co-workers using say, the same 
> editor/IDE on a different operating system with different default line 
> endings.)

Bzr really should have decent support for text encodings and line-endings.

Currently my team is avoid to use CRLF line-endings in all our projects.
We develop Linux-based embedded system, so about half of our works is
Linux-only. Other half is cross-platform or Windows-specific.

For one important cross-platform business logic C-library I've converted
all line-endings from CRLF to LF about 1.5 years ago.
And thus it breaks the history in annotate :-(
So now all my source files are LF-only.

It's really really bad to not have support in bzr for line-endings at all.
But wrong or semi-support (as in hg per example) is not good either.
Many users (currently used SVN) ask me about line-endings support in bzr.
It's really very important for cross-platform projects.

> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>> Alexander Belchenko пишет:
>>> Stuart McGraw пишет:
>>> [...]
>>>> So my question is, how does one use Bazaar so that
>>>> branches created on a Windows box will have the right
>>>> line endings?  Is there some process I overlooked?
>>>> A plugin?  A command option I missed?  Some third party
>>>> add-in somewhere?  Does Bazaar development have any
>>>> plans regarding this?
>>> It's a very long standing TODO since December 2005.
>>> I can say you for sure when it finally will be implemented.
>> s/can/can't/

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