[RFC] Why Bazaar in 6 words or less

John Yates jyates at netezza.com
Thu Jan 24 13:12:12 GMT 2008

When Ubuntu adopted the "for humans" phrase it seemed to be
addressing the widespread impression that Linux is only of
interest to "pencil-neck geeks".
Correct me if I am wrong, but I doubt that the object of this
exercise is to come up with a way of coaxing my 82-year old
mother to use bzr.  Thus, the fact is that, at the moment,
version control really is technology of interest persons with
some number of geek genes.  That being the case adopting the
"for humans" phrase suggests a slam against other DVC projects.
My feeling is that the virtues of bzr for a one-man effort are
minimal relative to say mercurial.  That is not to say that
they are non-existent, simply incremental and not overwhelming.
I would emphasize empowerment and ease of adoption irrespective
of project organization or workflow.  Some suggestions:
  Your project, collaborate your way
  Your project, your workflow, anywhere
  Any project, any workflow, anywhere
  Intuitive collaboration
  Collaboration made easy
  Distributed development made easy
  Distributed development that just works
  That was easy!            [with a nod to Staples]
  Could distributed development get any easier?
Try to connect with the Bazaar "merge" icon:
  Merge fearlessly
  Work remotely, merge fearlessly
[Which reminds me... bzr's icon might be less suggestive of a
classic road sign but also more meaningful to developers if the
merging flows headed down instead of up.]
Or hint at a goal of world domination :-)
  Every project! Every workflow! Everywhere!
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