[RFC] Why Bazaar in 6 words or less

Eugene Wee eugenew at starhub.net.sg
Thu Jan 24 10:05:15 GMT 2008


Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> I'm not good English speaker, but I like this one:
> * Version control for human beings (stolen from Ubuntu)
> And as non-english speaker I dislike these:
> * Crisp and clean version control
> * Friendly. Adaptive. Smart. Tight. *
> * Merge into the FAST lane

I pretty much agree, but I suggested a modification:
Flexible version control for human beings

The idea being that, in my opinion, "flexible" is less cryptic than 
"adaptive" and "for human beings" captures the clean, easy, fast and 
"doesn't hurt" aspects. I suspect that it also hints the Canonical 
relationship between Bazaar and Ubuntu, but I do not know if that is 
good or bad, or perhaps it does not matter.

By the way, does "sabdfl" stand for "self appointed benevolent dictator 
for life", i.e., Mark Shuttleworth?

Eugene Wee

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