How to examine performance bottlenecks?

Jari Aalto jari.aalto at
Sun Jan 20 16:05:05 GMT 2008

Is there a wiki page that lists how to study the performance

See this: (1.0.0 / Cygwin):

    $ time bzr --version
    real    0m16.830s
    user    0m2.673s
    sys     0m8.091s

    $ time bzr --help
    real    0m12.185s
    user    0m1.932s
    sys     0m5.988s

    $ time python -c 'import bzrlib'

    real    0m5.172s
    user    0m1.101s
    sys     0m2.253s

    $ time bzr init

    real    0m18.170s
    user    0m2.884s
    sys     0m8.522s

Compared to Mercurial 0.9.5

    $ time hg --version

    real    0m3.536s
    user    0m0.490s
    sys     0m1.762s

    $ time hg --help

    real    0m3.486s
    user    0m0.560s
    sys     0m1.752s

    $ time hg init

    real    0m3.516s
    user    0m0.660s
    sys     0m1.702s


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