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Aaron Bentley aaron at aaronbentley.com
Fri Dec 28 05:31:51 GMT 2007

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Hi all,

I've started work on a new repository format.  Ultimately, I expect it
to use the mpdiff delta format, but that's not the focus of development
right now.

My plan is to make a single method, _iter_texts, the underlying
implementation of file text, revision XML, inventory XML and signature
texts.  This allows us to retrieve any arbitrary set of texts from a
repository in a single read.

To achieve this, _iter_texts uses the prefixes 'file', 'revision',
'inventory', and 'signature' as namespaces to describe the kind of text
requested.  This should also extend nicely to new types, such as

The VersionedFile interface would still be provided, but it would merely
be a friendly API for services provided by the repository, including
graph operations.

The format is still experimental, but I am posting it now to make sure
that there's general agreement that this is the right way to proceed.

One option that seems interesting to me is to push these operations,
including the graph operations, onto Store rather than Repository,
because the original design of stores had them providing this data to


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